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What are the cake toppers made from?

Each figurine is made from polymer clay which is 100% non-toxic and when baked turns into a hard plastic material.
The everlasting quality of this clay makes these toppers a personal keepsake that will remind you of your special day for years to come.

There will sometimes be additional materials such as beads, wire, and crystals.


Note that they are NOT edible.

How big are the cake toppers?

I usually make all my figurines roughly the same size or to the same scale but they can vary by a centimetre or two. I can make bigger and smaller toppers but in order to make the faces as close to realistic I am unable to make the heads any smaller than they currently are (2 – 3 cm) .


Children 12 – 14 cm

Woman 15 – 17 cm

Men 17 – 19 cm


The base on which they stand may vary on what best suits the placement of the figurines but usually 12cm to 15cm in diameter. Please let me know in advance if this size needs to be adjusted to fit your cake. I am also able to make the figurines removable or without a base, but it brings them together nicely and offers place for a plaque with names and wedding date to ensure you will never forget your anniversary.

Why do they cost more than fondant figurines?

Even though I refer to my figurines as cake toppers, they are actually one of a kind portrait sculptures or commissioned art pieces that can be placed on top of a cake but made to last forever.


Polymer clay is more expensive in comparison to fondant. Even though I find ways to minimise the amount used the material cost is one of the factors.


Most importantly I take great pride and effort in trying to make each figurine look exactly like you, this takes many hours to perfect and would not want to compromise on the quality in order to reduce the price, but I could possibly make a simplified non realistic version to fit into your budget.

Are the toppers fragile?

No this is the beauty of polymer clay. Once they are baked the clay turns into a rubbery plastic material which is very durable. Thinner pieces will easily bend but should not break.

As they are built up in stages there will always be joints which are the weakest points but I take great care in strengthening these as much as possible.

If for any reason your figurine breaks at one of the joints, please send me a photo and I can assist with helping you fix it, but a clean break is easily repaired with Super Glue anything more serious will need to be assessed.

Can you make vehicles?

Yes I can make a vehicle but unlike a motorbike, scooter or bicycle I don’t make the vehicle to the scale of my figurines as this will be very large and require allot of material, but if you are willing to have a figurine with a small body and big head (bobblehead) then we can try work around this.


Short answer is send me a request with a picture and size in mind and I am always happy to quote :)

Will the toppers look just like me?

No they will not look exactly like you as they are completely hand made but I try model them as closely as possible to the photos supplied. Please check the photo guide to ensure I have the correct photos to work from.

Can you make the toppers without detailed photos?

I don’t recommend requesting a model without at least the correct facial photos or there is a big chance it won’t resemble the person accurately and you will not be completely satisfied with the product.  If there is absolutely no way of taking additional photos please supply me with what ever you have and I will confirm if I feel comfortable making the figurine with them.


How do I order?

Send me an email with the date you will be requiring your figurine/s which figurine/s you will be needing as well as any props you may want included in your quote. Please also include your delivery address/area so that I can quote adequately and confirm they can be completed and delivered on time.


If I am available to take your order I will send you a quote which can then be adjusted before confirming your order with a 50% deposit.

Do you accept a deposit or full payment up front?

Once you have received your quote I will require a 50% deposit to confirm your order and secure your modelling time.


It is up to you if you would like to pay the full amount upfront but I will only need the remaining 50% to be paid before shipment and you are happy with the images I have supplied of the finished model.

What payment methods do you accept?

EFT & PayPal 


When I send you your invoice I will include my bank details as well as my PayPal payment information, it is up to you which method you prefer to use.

Can I cancel my order or return my cake topper?

I allocate a certain amount of time for each figurine and once you have confirmed your order I am unable to take on any other orders for that time.


To ensure I have time to fill your cancelled slot you will need to give me 6 weeks notice if you would like to cancel your order and I will return your full deposit.


You are unfortunately unable to return your cake topper, I will however address your reason for wanting to return it as I would like to know all my figurines have a home they are happy in.

How do I get my topper?

I am based in Cape Town South Africa and you are always welcome to come fetch your figurines at my studio in the city centre if this is convenient for you.


I may at times even deliver you your cake topper on my Scooter but most of the time I will post your figurine to you with secure over night delivery within South Africa and DHL for International postage.  I will include the delivery cost in your quote but I try my best to find the most economic and safe option as possible.

What happens if my topper arrives damaged?

I will be devastated to hear one of my figurines have arrived injured! Even though the cake toppers are incredibly durable these things do happen.

Please send me a photo and I can assist with helping you fix it, a clean break is easily repaired with Super Glue anything more serious will need to be assessed and can be returned for surgery.

How do I store my cake topper?

Your cake topper can be kept on display but ensure they are not stored in direct sunlight as the colours will eventually fade over time.


It would be best to store your cake topper on a shelf or somewhere it cannot get damaged, ideally even a glass cabinet as this will keep the dust off. If you would like to clean your cake topper try just using a small brush and water if you have to but avoid any chemical cleaners that may dissolve the clay.


If stored correctly your model should last a lifetime.