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Detailed photos are the most important part of the process!

Each figurine is 100% custom sculpted, this is to ensure it resembles each person as accurately as possible. The sculpting process takes many hours with faces being the hardest part, which can sometimes take up to 8 hours if the correct photos are not supplied.


FACES: IMPORTANT! I will need good, clear, sharp, well lit photos of your face with the expression you want depicted. Close ups ( your face and shoulders filling most of the picture ) against a neutral, light colored background. If you are to be smiling then all the pictures, including the profile should be with a smile.

Surprise Gifts

Often figurines are requested as suprise gifts and taking photos of the person is not always easy. I don’t recommend requesting a model without at least the correct facial photos or there is a big chance it wont resemble the person accurately and you will not be completely satisfied with the product.  If there is absolutely no way of taking additional photos please supply me with what ever you have and I will confirm if I feel comfortable making the figurine with them.

Photo list – Be sure to look at the sample photos below before you take pictures.


A. Full front: Both ears will be shown equally (Girls tie hair and fringe up for face photos).

B. Full profile: Both sides with eyes looking straight ahead (opposite brow and cheek not showing).

C. ¾ view: Part of opposite cheek showing (Maintain same smile for all face photos)

D. Glasses: If you wear glasses I will need one front view of you with them on. All other photos should be without the glasses in all angles.

E. Hairstyles: Front, sides & back. Include a reference image for wedding hairstyles to be used.

F. Full body: No two bodies are the same and to make sure your proportions are accurate I require front, sides and back photos straight on with hands by your side.

G. Special pose: If you are requiring a sitting/lying pose please take photos of all 4 sides with hands, feet and head in the same position for all.

H. Couples & family pose: For two or more people together or animals please include photos of everyone together so I can see relative heights and sizes. This is in addition to individual photos.

I. Clothes and props: Pictures of all elements of the clothing you will wear from all angles with close-ups of any details and props. Reference images can also be supplied but take pictures of yourself in clothes that fit similarly if possible.

J. Pets & Animals: Front, sides & top, showing all colour patterns and markings.

K. Motorcycles & Bicycles: For the motorcyle enthusiasts please take photos of your bike/scooter with you on and off it from all sides as well as any close up details.

REMEMBER: The more detail you give me the more detail your figurine will have and the more recognizable and memorable it will be to you or your loved one.

Head & Facial Photos

A. Front
  • Take photos at eye level
  • Include shoulders
  • Look straight into the camera
  • Don’t tilt your head backwards, forwards or sideways
B. Left & Right
  • Turn your whole body for side profiles, not just your head
  • Keep the same smile in all head photos!
C. 3/4 View
  • Eyes looking forward not down
  • Don’t take photos in the dark
  • No hard shadows across the face
  • Try take photos in front of a solid lightly coloured background
D. Glasses
  • If you wear glasses I will need one front view of you with them on. All other photos should be without the glasses.

Hairstyle Photos

E. Front
  • Girls need to take photos with their hair pulled back
  • If you have a fringe clip it back
  • If you want your hair down for the model take all 4 photos with your hair up and down.
E. Left & Right
  • If you are using a reference image for a professional hairstyle, try place your hair in a similar style when taking the photos, eg. In a bun or side plait.
E. Back
  • If your hair colour in the photos isnt as you wish it to be in the model, please supply me with a reference or make a note with your order.
E. Example Style
  • Often your wedding hairstyle is only tested the week of your wedding, if you have an idea of how you would like it to be please supply me with an internet reference image as well as any additional detail.

Body Photos

F. Front
  • Full length photos are extremely helpful for making sure your proportions are all correct.
  • If your figurine will be in this standing pose make sure to be wearing the clothes you wish to be modeled in for the photos.
F. Left & Right
  • If you will be supplying a reference image for the clothes, try wear something that will fit similarly to the reference image.
F. Back
  • It is important for me to see all angles and detail, if you want it included.
G. Special Pose
  • Most of the time a standard standing figurine is the best option, but sometimes a special pose would be preferred.
  • If you would like a special pose please supply me with pictures from all sides in this pose in addition to the full length standing photos.

Couples & Family Photos

H. Couple Standing
  • If you are wanting a couples figurine or a wedding topper, I will require individual photos of the couple as shown above as well as a photo of you standing back to back.
  • Please also supply any references for the joint pose or otherwise I am happy to give suggestions.
H. Wedding
  • If you have that special wedding photo you want to make into figurines, please supply the photo and if possible try relive the moment to take pictures from all sides.
  • If this is not possible please send as many photos as you can from the wedding day for me to see all the detail.
H. Couple Sitting
  • Always try get photos from all sides.
H. Family
  • Family portraits can be a wonderful gift, please supply me with all the individual photos as well as a reference pose.
  • It would be a great help to have a picture of you all standing next to each other to get accurate height differences but otherwise I will estimate them on age.

Clothes & Props

I. Sports
  • Sports are a great theme for kids and husbands.
  • You can supply a reference image or try take photos of them wearing all their gear, including up close photos of their personal tennis racket for example, this always makes it more special.
I. Characters
  • Instead of an Elsa cake topper for your child why not make her into an Elsa figurine.
  • Send me face and body images as well as your chosen character.
  • Fancy dress is not only limited to the children, no reason why your wedding topper can’t be of you two dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman!
I. Wedding Dress
  • If for any reason your wedding dress is arriving at the last minute, please supply me with a similar reference image that you wish to be modelled in.
I. Props
  • You can send internet reference images or photos of any props you wish included such as your bouquet, shoes or tiara

Pets & Animals

J. Pets
  • I know taking pictures of you pets may be an impossible task but rather send me 20 cut off images than 1 perfect photo.
J. Pets Face
  • I would like you to be able to recognise your pet so try send a nice photo of their face as well as any unique markings.
  • Supply a reference pose if you have one.
J. People with pets
  • If you are wanting a figurine with your pet, please try take a picture of them with you to make sure they are the correct size. .
J. Wild Animals
  • I don’t expect you to take personal photos of a tiger (your favourite animal) but if you would like a figurine of a wild animal, please send a reference image for me to start with.

Motorcycles & Bicycles

K. Front
  • Motorcycles are extremely difficult to model accurately without photos, Whether it is your own or a dream bike, try supply me with as many photos as possible.
K. Left & Right
  • Make sure to take photos of both sides of the bike as they are usually quite different.
K. Back
  • I use the front, side and back images to get the proportions correct, please try take them straight on with all the same requirements as the face and body photos.
K. Details
  • Take photos of any detail that cannot be seen clearly in the other four images, for example the speedometer or logos.

If there is anything you are unsure of, don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions and reference images.