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Tessa Raad

A little bit about me….

Hi I am Tessa and I am the artist behind Tessa’s Figurines. I am a born and bred Capetonian who couldn’t be prouder to live in this beautiful city which continues to inspire and motivate me daily to create what ever my heart desires.


I am a qualified Industrial Designer and have spent the last few years pursuing this career which has allowed me to use my creative skills in both challenging and rewarding ways.


From before a time I can remember, creating and making things was what I enjoyed doing most. From setting the brief to spending hours fighting with the clay, fondant, sand or 3D CAD model, it was always worth it when I saw the final product.

It was only in 2014 that I discovered polymer clay properly for the first time. I had been making fondant figurines for friends and family, and always found it incredibly sad spending so many hours on something that was to be eaten or eventually thrown away. I had seen a gap in the market for realistic cake toppers but when I worked out how long it would take me to make them it just didn’t seem worth it for something perishable.


Art can be created in many ways both permanent and temporary. Just like my sand sculptures are remembered only by photos after the tide washes them away, so are cakes and fondant figurines. I wished to create one of a kind sculptures that can be kept as ornaments for years to come. Just like a portrait painting is hung on the wall and handed down from generation to generation so I hope my figurines will be kept forever to always remind you of something or someone special.

Sand castle building cape town

A little more….

Before I discovered my love for Polymer clay I would always be doing something creative in my spare time. Weekends are often spent with the family building sandcastles, something my dad has done with us since we were tiny.


Painting is also a great hobby of mine, would love to do more of it definitely the most relaxing.


Cakes, well lets just say I am not a fan of baking and the mess it creates nor am I a fan of sticky fondant, but was something I enjoyed doing for a while and will maybe give it another try when I have my own kids but for now will leave it to the professionals.

cakes cape town

Last but not least, I have an incredible husband whom without his support and encouragement Tessa’s Figurines would never have come about. We live together with our two little kitties Misty and Ash.


Thanks for getting to know me, and hopefully I can get to know you too when I create your figurine that captures your uniqueness, hobbies or loved one!